retrospective: an online portfolio


The drawings above were completed during the first two years of school for courses taught by Jason Moore and Mike Christenson. Each was completed by hand using various methods and media. Two of the images, the alley and the cellphone, were created by tracing an existing image. The remaining images were drawn freehand. Graphite was used for all but two of the drawings: the skull (charcoal) and the produce (red, yellow, blue colored pencils only).

These drawings, especially that of the produce, are among my favorite from school. I’d like to think I could do work of this caliber again, although it would be tougher without the fine guidance of someone like Jason Moore. I certainly wouldn’t mind rediscovering a skill such as hand-rendering.

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  • For ARCH 130, 231

  • Date Spring 2008, Fall 2009

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