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I was extremely fortunate to travel to Japan in August of 2010. The trip was part of a seminar offered by Mike Christenson examining impressions before, during, and after travel. The entire final submission can be viewed by clicking below; you’ll find a .pdf containing maps, sketches, photos, and journals accumulated while overseas and assembled upon return.

Although the final pages seem a bit awkward, I believe the final submission represents some of my best graphics work.

As far as the trip goes, I found Japan to be an extraordinary place. The architecture is often brilliant, but it is the culture that I find most fascinating. Travelers have often commented on the blending of Eastern and Western traditions in Japan and how, even still, elements uniquely Japanese manage to express themselves. I fondly remember experiencing this cultural blend while wandering around Japanese cities, a lanky American in real need of Japanese lessons. I continue to study the Japanese language and enjoy their cultural exports in hopes of one day returning.


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  • For ARCH 789

  • Date August 2010

  • Type seminar, study abroad, Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt. Fugi

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