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The Boathouse was the second design problem assigned by Joan Vorderbruggen during the fall of 2008. The project was to house the Minneapolis Rowing Club on the west bank of the Mississippi River. The MRC currently occupies a building designed by Vincent James on the same site.

The design contains spaces for scull storage and repair, training, administration, and socialization. It also featured an outdoor atrium-like space with rainwater collection and and small green roof near the spectator level. The radial layout grew from an observation that the site was nested within multiple layers of urban and suburban landscape.

I still really enjoy this design. The radial layout may or may not be practical, but the form is a strong, elemental statement which adds significance to the location. It is also refreshing to see that materials, ventilation, and daylighting were incorporated in such a way as to strengthen that formal statement.

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  • For ARCH 271

  • Date Fall 2008

  • Type Boathouse, Minneapolis, Rowing Club, Mississippi River, Vincent James

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