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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was the subject of a seminar taught by Darryl Booker during the fall of 2010. Each student was assigned a topic and tasked with researching its connection to Frank Lloyd Wright. Students wrote a paper on that topic and presented their findings to the rest of the class.

My subject was Beethoven, the legendary 19th-century German composer. The paper that resulted from that research can be found by clicking here. The powerpoint presented to the class can be downloaded below.

The paper represents my best academic writing to date as well as the most thoroughly researched.

The similarities between architecture and music have been written about often. It’s clear that, despite their technical differences, Wright believed the disciplines to be linked on a spiritual level. I still find the topic very intriguing and plan to use this work as a starting point for thesis research.


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  • For ARCH 724

  • Date Fall 2010

  • Type Frank Lloyd Wright, Beethoven, seminar

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