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Dance Studio

The Dance Studio was a project assigned by Darryl Booker in the spring of 2009. The building was to be located on the the western edge of NDSU’s campus in Fargo. As such, the Dance Studio was to be a university landmark as well as a rehearsal and performance venue.

The design prominently features two towers which house teaching and rehearsal spaces. Each tower leans a different direction; the topmost level of each cantilevers toward the nearest intersection. Behind the towers is a small performance hall with adaptable seating. This lends the venue flexibility and the ability to host many different kinds of performances, be they dance, drama, or music. In this way, the Dance Studio completes a series of buildings for performance art at the university.

I do not remember this project fondly. The design is very dramatic at times, but feels underdeveloped and disjointed overall. The towers and the performance space failed to harmonize and appear more like two separate buildings pushed together. In the same vein, the plans show a lot of awkwardness between square and hexagonal elements. This project produced several very interesting study models, but they went largely unincorporated.

On the other hand, the project shows an improving understanding of mechanical requirements and the start of a very nice theatre design. This is also my only studio submission to date to be drawn entirely by hand.

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  • For ARCH 272

  • Date Spring 2009

  • Type Dance Studio, Fargo, Theatre, Performance

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