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The Dwelling project was part of Darryl Booker’s studio and the first to require collaboration between classmates. Each student was to design a portion of a small intentional community outside of Marfa, TX. Students created the characters that would populate the community, but were assigned a certain spot on the site.

The design of this small dwelling is keen to the demands of the climate and client. The walls are made of thick adobe masonry which can be produced locally. The mass of the walls and sparing use of windows ensure that the interior remains comfortable in the hot, arid climate. The Dwelling also features an outdoor living area, rainwater collection, and power generation. The character’s occupation as a comic book artist inspired the appearance of the display boards.

The Dwelling remains one of my favorites projects. There was a synergy that formed between space use, circulation, materials, passive strategies, and form. This was the first project where an earnest attempt was made to understand its construction.

The Dwelling project also led to a lot of research regarding local responses to climate and passive design strategies. In that regard, I learned much more during this project than any other (excluding the Design/Build project).

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  • For ARCH 272

  • Date Spring 2009

  • Type alternative dwelling, Marfa, adobe, rainwater collection, movable screen,

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