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Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Center was assigned by Cindy Urness in the spring of 2010. The task was to design a natatorium on a fictitious site in Muncie, IN. The building was to function as a recreational facility as well as a competition site. The document containing case studies and research can be viewed below.

A theme of the design was ‘reveal and denial’ in order to build anticipation of the water. The water is first revealed at ground level just before one descends the entrance ramp. The water is revealed again from the concourse level inside the main entrance. The smaller recreational pool is revealed after turning and descending a flight of stairs; this water, too, to denied when one turns to the changing room. The main pool is revealed for the final time at the bottom of the stairs.

I believe that this may be my best design and some of my finest graphics work. The insight to exploit the normal ‘reveal and denial’ that occurs at a swimming pool was a great informer of the design. This was also the first project where Revit was used to generate the renderings. I learned a great deal about the program during that time, though I’ve been hesitant to use it since because of the extra time required.

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  • For ARCH 372

  • Date Spring 2010

  • Type aquatic center, natatorium, Muncie, water, path, descent

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