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Transit Hub

The Transit Hub was a two part project: the first was a collaborative design for a new transit system, the second was the individual design of a single station. For the first portion of the project, myself and Morgan Fredrickson devised a system for bus rapid transit (BRT) in Fargo, ND. That submission can be viewed by clicking here. To follow on that work, I chose to develop the design for a new BRT hub at the intersection of Main Ave. and University Dr. The case studies and research for that can be viewed here.

An important feature of the BRT system we imagined was a ‘parallel’ configuration in which two dedicated bus lanes would run adjacent to the automobile lanes. The transit hub itself has a covered loading area for bus and train passengers. Inside, there are small shops and space for waiting passengers. The facility also holds a relocated FM Visitor’s Center and Fargo’s Walk-of-Fame.

The scale of the masterplan is the largest of all the studio projects. I enjoyed working working on it, though time frame for the project was very short. I think that shows through as there are some hasty graphics and a single computer rendering. Even so, I think the design has some nice features including rammed earth Trombe walls and some other passive solutions. I still hope to develop a version of the BRT concept further in the future.


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  • For ARCH 372

  • Date Spring 2010

  • Type transit hub, bus rapid transit, Fargo, mixed-use, transit oriented development

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