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Intro Studio

The Intro Studiowas part of the the 'pre-architecture' track offered to freshmen with the goal of introducing the concept of design. The course consisted of six small projects completed during the spring semester of 2008.

[1] Iterations, Re-iterations – three distinct spaces derived from a magazine image.
[2] Gallery/Space – a proposed art installation near the NDSU Downtown campus.
[3] Performance Topography – a partner project which mapped the movements of conductors.
[4] City Inside/Outside – a proposed entryway for a campus building.
[5] Tracing Time – a motion machine.
[6] Object to Place – a place derived from the drawings of the previous project.

It was fun to look back on these projects from the very beginning of my design education. In many ways they're very crude, being the first forays into drafting, model making, and design software. However, I thoroughly enjoy the first project's series of drawings (which use the Michelin Man as a scaled figure).


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  • For ARCH 172

  • Date Spring 2008

  • Type Studio, Iterations, Gallery, Conductor, Motion Machine

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